Basic Certificate Course for Makeup and Hair-styling Assistants in Cantonese Opera

Course And Activity


he COA and Vocational Training Council (VTC), the largest vocational education institution in Hong Kong, have jointly organized various types of courses in Cantonese Opera for in-service actors and practitioners, including the “Specialty Course for the ‘Prime Minister of six States’, a Traditional Set Piece”, Certificate Course for Assistants of Costumes and Props (Wardrobes) in Cantonese Opera, Basic Certificate Course for Makeup and Hair Styling Assistants in Cantonese Opera, etc. Designed for people who are waiting to be employed, the courses provide career opportunities for those who are interested in joining the Cantonese Opera industry. Graduates from the courses can be considered for employment within the industry network of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong.


2014 – 2018

No. of Classes

Seven Classes in Total

Target Participants

Individuals who are unemployed and aspired to work as makeup and hair styling assistants in the Cantonese Opera or related fields

Course Contents / Objectives

To enable students to master the basic skills in makeup, hair styling, and role modelling for Cantonese Opera actors, so as to match the performance of the actors on the stage. It was hoped that the course could help students devote themselves to work as makeup and hairdressing assistants in Cantonese Opera by possessing the basic entry requirements of the relevant positions.